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Who Are We?

About Us

We love love. 

Sound corny? Did you just roll your eyes? Okay...that's fair. But we stand by the assertion! 

P.S. Consulting was founded in 2019 when we noticed how many of the people in our lives were struggling to find a long-lasting relationship. These were wonderful individuals with fulfilling careers, thriving personal lives, and dynamic personalities. We couldn't help but think that there must be many more people out there just like our friends who were also struggling to find love, and we realized our mutual passion for helping people find and grow love in their lives. 

As the dating landscape has evolved and online apps become increasingly popular, the dating process has developed into an impersonal exchange. The combination of a seemingly endless stream of singles and profiles that don't present the unique qualities of people well, leads to a frustrating process for many. 

About Us: Team

Marsha Schirack-Olson, M.A.


Solveig Pedersen, M.A.

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Long-time Alaskan, farm kid, lover of pop culture, slightly-too-enthusiastic runner, and chips & salsa connoisseur.  

I've always been drawn to the interactions between people. Listening to dating stories, debriefing, dissecting and providing feedback--it's my jam. This inherent interest in human dynamics drove my education. I earned both my bachelor and master's degrees in Communication from University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Over the past 13 years, I've taught communication courses at the university level (alongside Solveig), focused on interpersonal communication, relationship dynamics, conflict management and more. I like to say I teach people how to get along with one another, but, of course, there is so much more to it than that!

Quality communication is about acknowledging that the messages we send aren't always interpreted in the way we intend--and understanding what contributes to those misinterpretations. I want to help people develop and maintain happy, healthy relationships, through more effective communication patterns. 

Adventurous Alaskan (who loves to travel to far off places), drink too much coffee and stay up too late, read poetry, walk in the woods, & eat nachos. 


I am fascinated by experiences of human connection and I am passionate about cultivating a more peaceful and loving world. I believe that we can co-create this world through learning how to have the healthiest, happiest relationships - and then allowing those beautiful relationships to help us thrive and be the most remarkable humans we can be. 

My exploration of love and connection has been a part of my studies, as well. I hold a master's degree in Communication from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and I'm a Certified Professional Coach. 

Over the past 13 years, I've studied & taught university-level communication courses (alongside Marsha) in interpersonal and relational communication and I've worked as a life coach for 7 years.

What Do Our Clients Say?

I used to have a lot of anxiety about dating. I spent a lot of time complaining to my friends about how much it sucked. I felt like it was impossible to meet anyone. I remember going home after a bad date (my first date in months) and literally crying because it felt like I was going to be alone forever.


But then I started working with you all and I slowly let go of all that anxiety. I listened to your advice about relaxing. I let go of hang-ups I didn't even realize I had about dating. About how I was trying to fit people into my preconceived box of what a partner should look like instead of seeing people for who they are. I recognized that I am a person worthy of love and I should only share my love with people who are capable of giving it back.

It just seemed kind of weird to have a dating coach. I thought I was a good dater, but upon reflection realized I was really struggling with it. Now I genuinely think dating is fun and don't spend nearly as much time lamenting about how much it sucks. Because now I know it will only suck if I let it suck.

The reason people should work with P.S. Consulting is that dating is hard and we all could use some help! You are both kind, amazing people who genuinely wanted to see me succeed. I tell people that I didn't think I needed a coach to help with dating but that it has made everything so much better since I did!   



P.S. Consulting really helped me build confidence in myself. I feel like I have a better understanding about how to show interest in someone and that I really do have a lot to offer!

I have more worth than what I was giving myself when it comes to dating. I didn't think I had a ton to offer before working with P.S. Consulting but they helped me cultivate confidence and helped me to realize what I had to offer a potential partner.

I was much more shy and uncertain of myself when it came to approaching people I was interested in than I am now. I feel like You really helped me realize my potential - and now I'm in a relationship!

Some of the best things about working with P.S. Consulting were the amazing encouragement and availability when I had a question. Along those lines, also the honesty in the advice they gave me if I was feeling unsure about how to move forward with my feelings.

If you feel like you need someone in your corner in your dating life, I would recommend working with P.S. Consulting.


You two have been a really positive force in my quest for relationship. You have helped me see that I'm not alone, that I'm worthy of an amazing relationship, and that there IS hope! 

I feel really confident in the person that I am, and what I have to bring to a relationship. You have helped me worth through baggage from my past and helped me to be ready to start fresh. 

I started working with you during a transition in my life. I had just moved back to my hometown, and the hard part was that most of my friends were in established, long-term relationships, and I was always the single one in the group. 

I still have days where I feel like I might be single for the rest of my life, but they are much more rare. I feel much more positive about my prospects, about love at all ages, and that it will come when it's meant to come. 

I was definitely a little shy about working with you in the beginning, because dating is such a personal thing. Putting myself out there & needing or wanting help is such a personal thing, but I'm SO HAPPY I DID. Your drive to help and make a difference is clear. Thank you!

- Willa

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