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A Better Chance at Love

Online Profile Curating

Online dating can be a challenge! We are here to help you with choosing images that will draw people in and writing a bio that intrigues. Whether you're brand new and aren't quite sure how to start or finding that you'd like a refresh, we've got you! 

What's included:

  • Photo choice guidance & recommendations 

  • Bio content -- start from scratch or provide edits and feedback. 

  • Online platform guidance -- insight into how to navigate the most common dating apps and websites

  • One 45-minute individualized dating consultation 


Ready to Get Serious 

Dating Coaching

Dating is hard! If you're ready to get serious, I'm here to help you develop and hone skills to aid in better navigating the dating landscape. Through coaching, you'll experience more confidence, success, and clear communication in your dating life and be more prepared to find and maintain lasting love.


All coaching sessions are designed for the specific client and may include: personal development, communication skill development, personal presentation support, and pre/post date communication feedback.


Who is this for: 

  • Folks seeking long-term committed relationships

  • Those actively dating and wanting to transition into a committed relationship

  • Singles who are inexperienced at dating

  • Singles who want to gain more confidence in their dating life

What's Included:​​

  • Initial 45 minute consultation

  • Eight 45-minute individual coaching sessions over 4 months

  • Ongoing access to private messaging support over 4 months to help you navigate your dating life & romantic relationships with confidence.


  • Online dating profile curating (photos & bio) 


$1600 paid in full

$425/mo x 4 months

Extended Payment Plans Available Upon Request  

Work With Us: Services

Become a Better Communicator

Identify your growth edges, increase your clarity, and improve your relationships. 

All offerings are adapted to support your individual needs and goals.





Communication is inherently messy! We all approach interactions with our unique lens, it’s not uncommon for two parties to experience the same interaction with vastly different interpretations of what transpired. While some miscommunication or incorrect interpretations are unavoidable, we can develop and improve skills to navigate those conflicts in healthy, productive ways. 


The goal of couples communication coaching is to understand what areas of growth will benefit your relationship and develop those skills. Some of the more common areas people work on include effective listening (one of the most overlooked components of good communication!), perception checking, conflict management, and expectation setting. 


Improving our ability to communicate effectively helps to encourage our relationships to be sources of happiness and support, as opposed to frustration or anger. 


Who is this for: 

Couples looking to improve their relational communication skills. This offering can be adapted for couples at any stage of the relationship. 

What's Included:​​

  • Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

  • 8 Sessions (45-60 minutes)

  • Typically every 2 weeks, depending on schedules 

  • Sessions individualized & developed to support client needs

  • Messaging support outside of sessions - responses via text

  • Specialized resources - readings & handouts

Additional sessions may be added for $125/session after the initial 8. 


$1600 paid in full

$425/mo x 4 months

Extended Payment Plans Available Upon Request  

Lasting Love

Relationship Coaching

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