What does a dating coach do? 

Dating coaches do a variety of things -- all centered around supporting someone's romantic life. We get it -- it sounds super vague. It's tough to tell you exactly what we'll cover as your dating coaches, as each program differs depending on your unique needs! As your coaches, we help you identify what exactly it is you want and need in a relationship and help you work toward achieving those goals. This includes examining how your communication techniques might be impacting the dynamics in both dating and relationships.

We help you to develop strategies for improving confidence and success in your romantic life. Our coaching tends to cover both inner and outer work -- everything from self-presentation, to  moving on from a breakup, to choosing the right place for a first date! 

Are you going to be mean to me? 


No! Being cruel is not our vibe. We WILL be honest with you and use a little tough love, but we can’t stress enough that it will always come from a supportive place. 


How does the matchmaking work? 


The clients who sign up for our matchmaking services receive support in a few ways: access to our membership group (this includes various resources), coaching sessions with both of us, connections with local singles, and pre/post date support as needed. To find potential matches, we utilize our Date-abase to identify those who we believe will be a good connection.


How do you find people for the matchmaking clients? 


All of our matches are pulled from our Date-abase (this allows us to learn a bit about the person and perform necessary background checks). When a new matchmaking client signs up, we begin looking through possible matches for them in our Date-abase. Additionally, we will often recruit for specific individuals -- you may occasionally see us post on our social media platforms that we’re looking for a specific demographic -- and utilize our networks to find potential matches. We do always require that these recruited matches fill out the Date-abase application.


How does the Date-abase work?


Anyone who signs up for our services is entered into our Date-abase, we also have a link available on our website (here!) and social media for anyone who may be interested in adding themselves to the Date-abase (it’s free!).


Once we’ve read through your application, those who register for the Date-abase will receive a welcome email. Often we will also schedule a quick phone call so that we can get to know you a little better. 


If I’m in the Date-abase, how will I know if I’m matched with someone? 


We typically rely on email to reach out to members of the Date-abase when we have a potential match. If email is not a method of communication that works, it’s important to let us know in your application. 


Will I get any feedback after the date?


We will touch base with both individuals after the date -- often this is a quick phone call or text exchange to see how things went and provide guidance moving forward. This allows us to then talk with our clients about the date and potentially address concerns that were raised. Again, we want to emphasize that feedback will always be delivered with care and come from a supportive place. 


Am I guaranteed a date? 


We do guarantee several dates for our matchmaking clients. If you choose one of our other options, there is a possibility you may be connected with other singles, but we do not guarantee a certain number of dates. 


What if I’m not entirely single, but I still am interested in the value of dating coaching? 


Sure! Sign up for a discovery call and we’ll chat about potential options. 


Will you help me cheat on my significant other? 


Absolutely not. 

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