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Uhhh what is this? 


Hey, we get this is a weird time to meet people--so we decided to do something about that! We are hosting virtual dating experiences inspired by the TV show "Love is Blind". If you google the show, you'll likely get the idea -- participants connect without getting to see one another, however, we want to point out: we do NOT require (or advise) you get engaged at the end of the blind dating experience. 

It is an opportunity for you to go on at least 5 virtual blind dates! Well--mini-dates, we don't want to make it (too) weird. 

When is the next scheduled P.S. Love is Blind Virtual Dating Experience? 

Our next experience will likely be in the Fall 2020. Complete the interest form and we'll notify you if you are (or aren't) selected and provide a specific schedule of dates. 

Will I be on dates the entire 3 hours every night? 

No -- we just need you to be able to be available on those dates and times. You'll be on dates for around 90-110 minutes total (this varies based on the number of matches you have after the first round). The schedule for round one (Monday & Tuesday) will be sent out to you on the Friday before the dates begin, then the schedule for round two (Wednesday & Thursday) will be sent out on Wednesday around noon. 


How do you select participants?

We look at a few factors -- age, gender, who people date -- when selecting participants. We try to pull together a group of people who we think will enjoy one another! 

What if I can't participate this time?

Have no fear! We will be scheduling another event soon. Just make sure you fill out the interest form and we'll notify you of upcoming events. 

How's it work?  

Our events allow for each participant to go on 5 virtual, blind, mini-dates. After everyone has been on all 5 mini-dates we send a Google Form for participants complete to let us know who they felt a virtual spark with and would like to chat with again (if any). 


Breakdown of steps: Once participants are selected for a virtual dating experience (you have to fill out the application to be considered!), we send out a Paypal link to pay ($50). Upon receiving payment, we create a schedule of the dates over the pre-selected dates and times.


We provide each participant with a schedule for their dates and a call-in number. Everyone is instructed to use only their initials -- we want to keep this as blind as possible and, well, we don't want you all looking up one another on all the magical social media platforms! Marsha or Solveig will be on the calls - only to facilitate making sure everything runs smoothly tech-wise. We’ll be muted and do not interrupt virtual dates unless there’s a problem.


Each of the participants will have passed an Alaska State background check and told us they are single, available, not worried about distance, and open to monogamy & commitment if they vibed with someone.

Once everyone has gone on all their virtual dates and we receive everyone’s feedback - we notify participants to let them know if they have any matches for the second round of dates. We allow participants to match with up to 3 people IF there are any mutual sparks! 

After the second round of dates, we once again send a Google form and ask participants to identify who (if any) the would like to continue chatting with. If there are mutual matches, we then send a photo and contact information to those individuals. After that, it's up to you!


Overall, we want this experience to be FUN. At the very least, it's a pretty cool experiment; it’s getting to know some people you might not know or choose if you were on an online dating site (or you might!) 

Does it cost anything?

Yes, participation is $50. 

Is there any chance for feedback?

Yes! Marsha or Solveig will be on the calls, we offer every participant an option to chat with us for 15 minutes after the virtual dating experience has concluded.


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